Frisbee Discathon

Frisbee Discathon is a racing event that takes place on a course from 200m to 1km. Shorter courses can work great or young children when limited space is available. Two or three discs are carried and thrown one at a time under, around, between or through obstacles in accordance with the course layout. The aim is to complete the course in the shortest time possible. Courses can be made more challenging by adding mandatory ‘tests’, as shown in the diagram below.

For the tests, the player has to throw the disc from the ‘T’ marker between trees ahead. If successful, the player can continue, but if they miss, a penalty loop must be completed. In the above example, the clock stops once the player successfully hits the target from the 4th ‘T’ marker.

A course can be made more challenging by adding obstacles to climb over, roll under or jump off, like an assault course.

Discathon works great as a team event too. Here, 3-5 people work together to get one disc around the course in shortest time possible.

The Discraft Sky Styler is recommended due to the balance of distance and accuracy that it provides. The Aerobie Superdisc is ideal for younger players.

A small indoor course can be made in a sports hall or school gym using benches, mats, climbing frames and other general P.E. equipment. Great fun for primary school children.

Take a look at the WFDF Discathon info sheet to learn more.