Goaltimate is a half-court game derived from ultimate. The object is to score points by throwing a flying disc to a teammate in a small scoring area, through the goal, a large semicircular hoop.

Goaltimate is believed to have been invented by players of ultimate at Wellesley High School, USA. It was invented on Christmas Day around 1980 on hard-pack snow, because too few players showed up for Ultimate practice!

How to Play Goaltimate

  • Play consists of two teams of four players each, competing in a large ovoid area with the goal at one end and a clear zone in the other.
  • A point is scored by throwing the disc (Discraft 175g Ultra-Star) through the goal to a team-mate standing within the scoring area results in one point.
  • A pass through the goal to the scoring area from within the clear zone is awarded two points.
  • The disc may only pass through the goal in the scoring direction; passing otherwise results in a turnover.
  • As in ultimate, turnovers also result when a disc is dropped, intercepted, goes out of bounds, or when the thrower is stalled (the thrower has 5 seconds to throw, the duration of which is enforced by opponents’ stall count).
  • Unlike in ultimate, a stall count may be called from anywhere on the playing field, provided it is audible to the thrower.
  • After any turnover or score, the disc must be passed beyond the clear line before the next point may be scored.
  • Play is continuous, with no pause after scores or clears.
  • Most throwing and receiving rules are identical to those of ultimate.
  • Defensive rules differ in that inadvertent picks are not a violation in Goaltimate, and zone defense directly in front of the goal is illegal.
  • Substitutions occur on-the-fly, so teams typically take the opportunity to make subs immediately after gaining possession of the disc.
  • Matches are usually best of 5 sets, with first to 5 games per set.

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