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Catch the Spirit has it’s origins from the work of Chris O’Brien, working as a Frisbee Coach with scout groups and schools since 2004. In 2007 Catch the Spirit Ltd was established with the launch of CatchTheSpirit.co.uk and the on-line Flying Disc Shop with a focus on developing Disc Sports for Schools. At the outset, the idea of doing Frisbee in PE was virtually unheard of, now the dream is becoming realised to the point where it is now considered the norm in most Secondary schools. The work of the UK Ultimate is carrying on the development of Ultimate in Secondary schools beautifully and we continue to work together to grow the sport. Nowadays our primary focus is in promoting all things Disc Golf, while maintaining our tradition of inspiring and training people in Disc Sports. During the summer months Chris especially enjoys visiting Primary Schools around the UK to deliver Frisbee Fun Days. All year round Chris designs and installs Disc Golf courses.

Chris ‘Flyin’ O’Brien

About Us

A Way of Life

Chris bought his first flying disc when on a school trip to London back in 1989. The disc served him well until one day a dog got hold of it and chewed it up quite badly. About 12 years later Chris bought a yellow Aerobie Superdisc and has never looked back! Always up for a throw about in the park or a few holes of Disc Golf or game of Ultimate… the lure of the flying disc is just too irresistible!

Chris got in the habit of getting other people of all ages and walks of life to join in and give it a go, and found that they too enjoyed playing so much they quickly became converted and wanted to get a disc, a.k.a ‘a tool of freedom’ of their own. He purchased a modest stock of carefully selected discs and began selling them on while also working in schools to introduce the basic skills and games to groups of children.

Over recent years Chris’ passion is ever more on Disc Golf Course Design & Development. Chris draws on his experience of playing competitive ball golf around many of Yorkshire’s best courses during his youth; setting up hundreds of temporary Disc Golf courses for one day events in schools and parks with Catch the Spirit; and playing on diverse Disc Golf courses around Britain, Sweden, Finland and the USA as a touring professional Disc Golfer and member of Team GB.

Sports Coaching Qualifications and Certificates:

  • Level 1 Ultimate Coach
  • Level 2 Basketball Coach
  • Analysing Your Coaching
  • Good Practice and Child Protection
  • Motivation and Mental Toughness
  • Power and Speed

Other Relevant Qualifications and Certificates:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • DBS Certificate


Pro Disc Golfer PDGA #34659

  • 2017 Burnlaw Champion
  • 3x Scottish Open Disc Golf Champion – 2013, 2014, 2015
  • 2009 BDGA Contribution to the Game Award
  • 2008 Advanced Am British Tour Champion
  • 2008 BDGA Spirit of the Game Award




Vic Parker 

This man is a legend and a wizard when it comes to proof ‘flying’ of Disc Golf hole and course designs, building tees and installing of equipment optimally for the specific environment. The best wing man anyone could ever wish for. A canny Disc Golfer as well, well known for canning 30m+ upshots on a regular basis!