Frisbee Field Events

Field Events is the collective term for a series of individual technical events that demand stamina and coordination while challenging the player’s throwing technique. Frisbee Field Events offer an excellent set of alternatives to traditional summer athletic events for schools.

First up, Self Caught Flight Events (SCF). Here the disc is thrown and then must be caught with one hand. Two hands is acceptable for beginners. One event is about the time the disc is aloft. The other is about the distance from the release to the point where the catch is made.

Maximum Time Aloft (MTA)

The disc is thrown (ideally into a stiff breeze) and then caught with one hand. The goal is to maximise the amount of time elapsing between the disc being released and caught. This demands a powerful and controlled throw and good ability to read the flight before making the catch. The World Record is 16.72 seconds.

Throw, Run & Catch (TRC)

The disc is thrown then the thrower must ‘run like the clappers’ to catch it one handed. The distance from the point where the disc is released and to where it is caught is the score. This event demands good technical ability to throw a very long, hovering flight, combined with fast sprinting capability and reliable catching. The World Record is 92.64m.



For this event a 1.5m x 1.5m frame, 1m above the ground is used. The objective is to throw the disc through the frame, from 7 standard positions, ranging from 13.5m to 31.5m away. The World Record is 25 hits out of 28. In school situations alternative targets can be used, for example 5-a-side football goal is good for beginners and the distances can be reduced to make a suitable level of challenge for younger children.



This is essentially a ‘longest throw competition’.

Above: David Wiggins (age 11) achieves World Distance Record (Under 12 category) for throwing a flying disc. 147.5m with a Wraith, 14th March 2007.

Below: And here’s David breaking The World Record. A wopping 252m with a Champion Blizzard Boss, 13th April 2012.


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