Old Photo of People Playing Frisbee A Dog Catching a Frisbee Dive and Catch School Playing Disc Golf

About Disc Sports

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) recognises 7 official Disc Sports. This site introduces each of these disciplines, plus a few more for good measure. Where appropriate, each activity includes useful links to the WFDF rules and information sheets, plus links to other good web-sites. Disc Golf and Ultimate each have their own glossary page and many more related pages throughout the site and bog.


Mad About Disc Sports!

Whether you’re a Disc Golfer, an Ultimate player, a casual summer-time Frisbee thrower or a total novice, we recommend that you learn about Disc Sports and try them all out – it will help you raise your game for sure. Catch the Spirit is here to assist you to find your preferred styles of play and help you to continually improve your Frisbee skills!


About Disc Sports

Chris O’Brien, Founder of Catch the Spirit and mad about Disc Sports. Steel Rig, Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland. Living North Publication, November 2005