Frisbee Dog

Frisbee Dog a.k.a. Disc Dog competitions involve dogs and their human disc throwers competing in events such as distance catching and freestyle catching. The sport celebrates the bond between handler and dog as they work together to impress the judges.

Hyperflite specialise in dog discs – they are ergonomic and safe for the dog’s mouth, fly really great and are genuinely highly durable and puncture resistant.

Some breeds are more suited to Frisbee-ing than others – for example the Border Collies can make for superb Frisbee Dogs. There’s a lot to learn if you’re looking to train your dog in the way of the Frisbee. At first your Frisbee Dog will be much more interested in you than the discs, so it’s a good idea to have at least 3 or 4 on the go to keep them interested. Another good tip is to begin with rolling the discs rather than flying them – they are much more inclined to chase a roller!

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