Disc Golf Activity Day

Join the Disc Golf craze! The Disc Golf activity day will bring your children’s Wii and the X-Box Frisbee Golf experiences to life as they discover just how easy it is to start playing real Disc Golf in their free time.

We start the day with an early arrival at your school to set up a beginner friendly Disc Golf course with portable targets by utilising the features of the school playing areas. Don’t worry if you only have a small space available – whether it’s a flat open field, school yard, or even a sports hall, we can quickly create a fun and inspiring course for your school Disc Golf activity day! Anyone can play Frisbee Golf, the skills and activities are tailored for Primary, Secondary and Special schools.

Frisbee Golf Coaching

The red team, the yellow team and the blue team putting relay. The red team are on fire!

What will the Frisbee Golf Coaching sessions involve?

  • Truly spectacular demos
  • Instruction on putting techniques, approach shots and distance throwing
  • The basic rules of Disc Golf
  • How to play safely as a group with good etiquette
  • Introduction to pre-shot routines
  • Variety of fun games and challenges to play in pairs and teams
  • Play a round or two in small groups
  • Speed Golf challenge

Duration of sessions and ideal group sizes

  • Under 9’s: Group size up to 15. 45-60 minutes
  • Age 10+: Group size up to 20. 45-90 minutes

This is just a guide, for example we can run a full day with a single group. We can also cater for larger groups if teaching staff are keen to get involved. We can also stay on a while at the end of the school day to give parents and siblings the chance to join in!

School Disc Golf Taster School Disc Golf Activity Day


How to book your Disc Golf Activity Day

To make a quote request please contact us with the following information:

  • Age range
  • Group sizes
  • Available space/rainy day plan
  • Preferred dates
  • School name and postcode


Frisbee Golf Coaching

It’s a school Disc Golf activity day everyday! Students at Walbottle Campus, Newcastle upon Tyne have a permanent 12 hole course on their school grounds.


Want to get trained up lead Frisbee Golf Coaching? Take our Disc Golf Leader Training Course