Skills and Practice

Here you can pick up valuable tips and insights to help you on your journey in ‘The Way of the Frisbee’. The fundamental Frisbee disc flying skills that underpin all Disc Sports are covered, plus fun games and practice drills to enable you master these skills. By the way – if you’re looking for the real-life learning experience, you can book us for an event or attend one of our training courses.

Please note that all illustrations and explanations are presented for right handed play. Once you learn something new, then go ahead and teach someone else – we learn better when we teach (and it’s a nice thing to do!). So here’s your coach, Chris O’Brien…


Pro Tip: The more Z’s (spin) you impart, the more true your discs will fly, and with this comes greater distance and control.

Use the Disc Golf Glossary and Ultimate Frisbee Glossary for any unfamiliar jargon!

Frisbee Skills

Disc Golf Skills