Frisbee Freestyle

Frisbee Freestyle is a truly amazing art-form. Freestyle, a.k.a. Jamming, can be described as creatively and ‘freely’ passing and playing with the disc between two people or a group of players.

The term ‘Freestyle’ refers to the performance of truly awesome creative, artistic and athletic moves. It combines aspects of gymnastics and dance with the throwing, catching and spinning of flying discs. At the top level, Freestyle is performed in pairs or threes with choreographed sequences performed for an audience and panel of judges. The performance is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Artistic impression
  • Difficulty
  • Execution


Incredible move! Awesome Socks!


Take a look at the WFDF Freestyle page. And check out – the Freestyle Players Association official web-site. Frisbee Freestyle can be seen at it’s best where the stars go head to head in tournaments like the Amsterjam.

Spring Jam’07

Frisbee Freestyle fun in the park.
‘Fabiosis’ the Italian Frisbee Freestyle Dancer

A young man who takes his Jamming quite seriously, it seems!

Why don’t you give it a go?


Frisbee Freestyle Disc

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