Ultimate Frisbee Skills

Ultimate Frisbee skills involve different form in comparison to casual Frisbee throwing. For the backhand, instead of stepping forwards into the throw, the right leg steps laterally across the body. By doing this the thrower has more reach away from the marker.

Ultimate Skills

Backhand throw

A long pivot is required to get around the marker. To execute a flat throw demands good balance with the head remaining upright. For both the backhand and forehand it is important to get release the disc from a low position. By doing this the disc is ramped which gives the receiver more time to make the catch.

Ultimate Skills

Forehand throw

Players need to practice switching between the forehand and backhand grips quickly and seamlessly. The footwork between forehand and backhand stance should also be quick as possible. This will lead to effective faking whilst on the disc with short, sharp movements. Avoid emphasizing the throwing action as this is too slow and ineffective when it comes down to outwitting opponents.