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Secondary School Frisbee PE Class Bundle Key Stage 3-4


Beginner Friendly!

Class: Multi-Purpose Frisbee Pack
In a Nutshell: Complete set for Secondary, Middle and High Schools and Colleges for a full class of 30.
The Lowdown
Set of quality discs for beginners and progressive abilities. The Secondary School Frisbee PE Class Bundle Key Stage 3-4 includes:

  • 16 x Aerobie Superdisc Easy Training Discs - Very user-friendly and versatile training disc with long stable flights and soft catches. Accessible to all ages and levels of ability. (Key Stage 2-4).
  • 8 x Ultra-Star 175g Official Ultimate Discs - the best quality and most durable official size and weight Ultimate Frisbee by far. Made in the USA by Discraft. (Key Stage 3-4).
  • Catch The Spirit Skills & Games Activity Cards
  • Ultimate Frisbee Skills & Drills Activity Cards

This pack has a perfectly balanced set of resources to enable students of all abilities to engage in Disc Sports and develop their skills with enthusiasm and confidence.

= Beginner Friendly

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