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Primary School Frisbee Club Bundle


Beginner Friendly!

Class: Multi-Purpose Frisbee Pack
In a Nutshell: Set of resources for Primary and First School Frisbee clubs of up to 16 participants.
The Lowdown
Set of quality discs for beginners and young players for groups of up to approximately 16 children at a time. Please note that if working with a full class of around 30 children then the PE Class Bundle is the way to go, This club pack includes the follwoing:

  • 8 x Aerobie Superdisc Easy Training Discs - The world's best all-round training disc!
  • 6 x Supersafe Rubber Dogobie Discs - Perfect for working with younger players or in confined spaces.
  • 2 x J-Star 145g Junior Ultimate Frisbee Disc - Official size and weight for Junior Ultimate, by Discraft.


This pack comes with a set of Catch The Spirit Skills & Games Activity Cards.

The Primary Frisbee School Club Bundle is a perfect resource to enable groups of mixed age children of all abilities to engage in Disc Sports and develop their skills with enthusiasm and confidence.

= Beginner Friendly

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