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Putt & Approach Golf Discs x 10


Beginner Friendly!

Class: Putt & Approach Golf Discs
In a Nutshell: Set of 10 beginner friendly golf discs.

The Lowdown
Golf Discs are quite different to regular throw and catch type discs. They have a smaller diameter and a beveled weighted edge. This makes them hold up against the wind and fly further with optimum accuracy. All groups of new players should start with these soft Putt & Approach Golf Discs as they are the easiest type to control. This means they are safer for group work and enable the players to develop their technique before progressing on to mid-range drivers. Furthermore, when learning the game of golf it's wise to learn skills close to the target and work back to the tee over time.

Putt & Approach Golf Discs x 10 - PDGA approved, colours vary.









= Beginner Friendly

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