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Hyperflite Skyhounds 100g Fastback Frisbee Orange


Beginner Friendly!

Class: Dog and Freestyle Frisbee
In a Nutshell: An ergonomic superior flying disc for Frisbee dogs and Maximum Time Aloft!
The Lowdown
The Hyperflite Skyhounds 100g Fastback Frisbee has a nice profile that cuts through the wind brilliantly, with long, controllable glides that inspire jump catches.
It's not as tough as Hyperflite's Jawz discs but once your dog understands that they are for fun and not chewing, it will last you a long time and provide hours upon hours of fun and exercise for you and your dog!

Children love the Hyperflite Skyhounds 100g Fastback Frisbee because it's so light and easy to play throw and catch with. This mold is also the all time go to for 'Maximum Time Aloft' -   so grab one and give is a try!

= Beginner Friendly

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