Ultimate Frisbee:

Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments

Things to consider when taking part in your first Ultimate Frisbee tournament.


Most tournaments take place on a weekend, with 6-8 games per team so you have to be very fit to perform consistently and avoid injuries. Drink plenty of water throughout and good nutrition is vital. Ensure you undertake thorough warm-ups and cool-downs with your team.


It’s a good idea to take both light and dark shirts or even better a team strip. You’ll need suitable footwear; studs or astros for outdoor tournaments, two or three pairs is recommended for different grip options and fewer blisters!

You should also consider protection from the elements. Sun lotion in summer, warm clothes and waterproofs too, nearly all year round in UK! Have at least one complete first aid kit for your team.


Spirit encompasses a way of Frisbee life. Actively meet new people at every tournament and say ‘hi’ to the opposition on the sidelines and make friends! Before you go to a tournament you have to do your homework on the rules – many consider it bad spirit if you don’t know the rules.

Your team is always more than the seven players on the field. Involvement on the sideline by way of communication to the players on field can be a critical success factor.

After the game it is customary for both teams to huddle together. Captains will talk, thank the other team and congratulate them on good play. Your team may give the opposition a score on how spirited they were and how much fun they were to play against. Also how fair they were, how well they knew the rules and how they went about making calls when rules were broken. It’s all rounded off by hi-5’s all round!

At social tournaments the teams often make a ‘call’ to the other team. This is a fun game, song or perhaps a joke – use your imagination as a team to come up with something novel!


As well as rating Spirit, the MVP (Most Valued Player) is awarded to one player from the opposition for their contribution to the game. This judgment is often taken by the TD’s (Tournament Director).

The spirit scores and MVP votes will be totaled up over the weekend and the team/player is rewarded with a prize. The spirit prize to most Ultimate players is as important as the result of the tournament!


At most tournaments there will be a players party for socialising and dancing and there is always a great festival atmosphere. Many players camp onsite or stay in tournament accommodation (usually university campuses).