NLP & Disc Sports:

Putting Practice

Putting is sending an object into a target. Hmmm. So with that in mind two weeks ago I hung up the putters for a while and got into practicing different sports/games. Here's what I've been up to:

  • Throwing crunched up paper into the bin
  • Darts
  • Shooting hoops (Basketball)
  • Tennis serving
  • Golf putting (ball golf)
  • Carpet bowls

I enjoyed taking a short break and playing other sports. It was a great to be reunited with my putters this morning when I got out putting again. I felt refreshed and positive during the pre-shot routines and visualisation before each shot. I had a really good session, putting with confidence and positivity on every shot. Although I didn't measure the results before and after I know I hit a higher percentage of shots than usual, so I think it has been good for me… the acid test will be how the putting goes in the next tourney!!

In the meantime I'm going to keep up with playing a wider range of sports to develop the winning mentality and the practice of learning skills by modelling excellence in others.



State Management

There is great potential with Disc Sports to develop new skills and understanding in managing ones state of mind. When we deliver Disc Sports coaching sessions in schools we aim to quickly lead a group into a positive state by fully engaging participants and bringing them 'home' to the ‘here and now’. The goal is to channel the energy into a ‘flow state’ where accelerated learning can take place.

So we lead participants into this 'peak' learning state by facilitating activities that achieve a suitable balance between ‘challenge’ and ‘competency’. Here, individuals are successfully using skills that they have already developed to the level of ‘unconscious competence’ while being continually challenged just enough to fully engage and test the conscious mind. This type of experience is often referred to by top sportspeople as being ‘in the zone’ or 'zoned'.

When the conscious and unconscious minds are aligned and positively engaged in this way, the universe allows the 'super-conscious' mind or ‘spiritual realm’ to enter into existence. This is when a player truly let's go and ‘catches the spirit!’