Ultimate Frisbee Coaching Day

The Ultimate Frisbee Coaching Day provides sessions for groups with prior Frisbee experience and ready to take their Ultimate skills and understanding of the game to the next level. Experience of playing Ultimate Frisbee is not required, just some familiarity with the basic Frisbee skills.

PE Activities

Putting on a defensive force

Elements of a typical session

  • Develop existing skills into Ultimate form and the principles of defending, pivoting and cutting
  • Instruction on how to play Ultimate Frisbee and rules of the game
  • Spirit of the Game and how it works in practice
  • Basic offence and defence strategies
  • Variety of dynamic drills and games
  • Games of 5 v 5 Ultimate
  • Introduction to advanced throwing techniques
PE Activities

Teamwork, communication, spacial awareness, defending, passing, receiving, scoring!

We often get asked to work with the same group for a half or whole day. Longer sessions enable us to work on some skills and drills and then get stuck into a mini tournament format.

We can also stay on a while at the end of the school day to give parents and siblings the chance to have a go at Frisbee too!

How to book your School Ultimate Frisbee Coaching Day

To make a quote request please contact us with the following information:

  • Age range
  • Group sizes
  • Available space/rainy day plan
  • Preferred dates
  • School name and postcode


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