Very good - excellent activities that could be easily incorporated into the new key stage 3 curriculum, with little equipment required.
Stephen Stokes, PE Teacher, The Coseley School, West Midlands

The training inset was good fun with lots of practical sessions in order to be able to demonstrate the techniques required. Enough was covered without it getting too technical. An enthusiastic instructor, provided individual coaching when needed and questions answered.
Fiona Humphrey, PE Teacher, Melbourn Village College, Cambridgeshire

I can honestly say that have never experienced better customer service than I received today from Catch The Spirit. Having selected my discs, I was having the regular internet connection issues just as I was processing the payment. Before I had even finished reconnecting and completing the purchase my phone rang and it was none other than Chris at Catch The Spirit calling, to see if I was having difficulties with which he could help. Suffice to say that my order has now been processed and I have had the opportunity to talk to someone about the sport that I love. A very good day. Thanks Catch The Spirit! Thanks Chris!
Ben Teal, Cornwall

Excellent course, everyone got involved and had a chance to have a go. Also lots of cross-curricular ideas. Great Tutor!
Rachel Moody, PE Teacher, Education Village, Darlington

I got my frisbee yesterday. This is the coolest thing i've ever seen.. I think I will order some more..
Erthan, Turkey

Nicely structured course and well presented with good ideas. Appreciated the 'hands-on' approach and opportunities for practice/feedback.
D Hannah, Class Teacher, Clayton Primary School, Bradford

The discs arrived today, thanks very much for the excellent customer service and prompt delivery.
Jessica Blackmer, Business Manager, District Sports Cardiff

Thanks again for the disc golf demo day, everyone really enjoyed it! The high school has now got a dinner time disc golf club, every Friday dinnertime! The head of PE said the kids got the bug, which is really good news.
Christian Sansam, Development Officer, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

Very good, enjoyable and informative - you made me join in and do it!
Helen Burrell, PE Teacher, High Spen Primary School, Gateshead

Very useful - ideal for playing in school with key stage 1 and 2 - fun and energetic!
Jim Miller, Class Teacher, Deighton Gates Primary School, Wetherby

Excellent course with plenty of hints and tips with time to practice and try things out. Loads of games and ideas too. The handbook looks like it's going to be very helpful.
Jo Clay, PE Teacher, Parkside School, County Durham

The course was great fun, very informative with clear instruction - a really enjoyable introduction to disc activities.
Gary Owen, Head of PE, King John School, Northamptonshire

Excellent! Active approach - opportunity to do as many activities as possible to suit all ages groups. I will implement throwing and catching skills (already planned for next term) and self governance for children to master - fair play.
Les Ball, Class Teacher, Chirbury Primary School

A very enjoyable course with more extensive content than I first envisaged. I liked the variety of practices/games and versatility of using Frisbee for various levels of learner.
Lorna McCartney, PE Teacher, St Benedicts High School, Renfrewshire

The course was fantastic, fun, challenging, informative, comprehensive and over too quickly! I am looking forward to implementing the self governing nature and the 'Spirit of the Game'.
Sarah Kelly - PE Co-ordinator, Innsworth Junior School, Gloucestershire

I have just completed the Disc Golf Leaders course led by the unnervingly talented Chris O'Brien. It was packed full of brilliant activities designed to engage newcomers (young and old) to disc golf. Chris presents the activities in a highly accessible way and quite frankly left me wanting more! Simply put, it was superb. I really enjoyed it and just re-affirmed my growing enthusiasm for the sport. Disc Golf is awesome. I didn't realise it before, now I do. I hope my students are ready!
Dr Jaime Martin - Lecturer, Myerscough College, Preston

The course covered a good amount of information and lots of practical which will be remembered easily ready to implement in our curriculum.
Emma Rowell, PE Teacher, Impington Village College, Cambridge

The Introduction to Disc Sports course is an excellent programme with an exceptional coach. I really enjoyed learning all the different techniques!
Mohammed Arshad, Complete Kidz, Birmingham

Fab course! - Really practical and fun. A great introduction to Ultimate Frisbee.
Lucy Hull, PE Teacher, Tytherington School, Cheshire

Had our first Year 6 frisbee league this week - brilliant - all loved it - onwards and upwards! As a result I order more Superdiscs!!
Lucy Mowlam, Assistant PDM, Tone School Sports Partnership

Interesting, educational and invigorating – a wonderful opportunity to bring disc sports to our school.
Sally Armitage, P.E. Coordinator, Waverly Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

The information was clear, and the processing and dispatch was nice and quick, and you have been attentive with your service. So all in all, thanks!
Patrick, Kent

Huge thank you for the Disc Sports session, really REALLY positive feedback from all our class Teachers
Rachel Harrison, Sport Development Manager, North West Leicestershire School Sport Partnership

Excellent course, very enjoyable loads of great ideas. Tried loads of new things - very inspiring!
Nicola Johnson, PE Teacher, North Northumberland School Sport Partnership

Fantastic! Really hands-on. I particularly liked the practical nature, the enthusiasm of the course leader and 'learning by doing'. Great handbook to take out on the field!
Ian Small, Deputy Head, Hempnall Primary School, Norwich

Excellent course! Interesting and fun, would be good for staff training as well as for the kids. This is a great way of making sports fun, and is particularly good for severely disabled kids as it doesn't have to be competitive for them to gain a sense of achievement.
Fiona McGillivray, Teacher, The Dales Special School

Thank you for all your help Chris and Matt. Our disc golf installation here continues to be a great success and guests new and old just love it.
Steve Teuber - John Lewis Partnership, Brownsea Castle, Poole, Dorset

Very good course, well delivered for adults and can see how to use with the children. Lots of practical delivery and useful ideas to use in school.
Emma Phillips, Class Teacher, St James' Church Primary School, Bradford

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and well delivered course. I enjoyed the hands on teaching styles, being able to actually experiment with the different techniques and disc ideas helped get a quick and easy grasp of all the ideas.
Chris Booth, Sports Coach, Aspire, West Midlands

Fantastic fun, good value, great energy! I liked the fact that is was 100% practical and delivered with a full-on attitude - superb tutor!
Ben Noble, PE Teacher, The Woodlands School, North Yorkshire

The course was excellent, fun and clear - accessible for my kids. I liked the fact is was practical - I know what it feels like so I can show others, also the enthusiasm of the trainer and simple instruction - we can do it!
Fiona Dewick - Class Teacher, Gaddesby Primary School, Leicestershire

The course had far more depth than I imagined with a lot of games and drills. Simple training methods enabled us to learn quickly without getting bogged down in too much detail. Fun ideas and very skillful activities.
Billy Weaver, Sports Coach, Leeds City Council

The training course was excellent with lots of material and ideas very well presented.
Matt Dale, PE Teacher, Fallibrome High School, Cheshire

Excellent, fun, active and very informative. I enjoyed being active and taking part in all activities. I wish all courses were this good.
Paul Graveling, Class Teacher, Loddon Junior School, Norwich

The training session was very well structured and organised. It was good to to see the demos of throwing and catching techniques and different ways to teach the kids which can be used when coaching. Everything was explained clearly and there were a lot of fun games taught. The handbook is very informative and shows great games that we can teach the children and recap knowledge.
Helen Shipman, Sports Coach, Aspire, West Midlands

Chris had some really good ideas and skills which I can now take away with me and use within schools. Overall, I thought that the session was very informative and fun!
Beth Greenwood - Sports Coach, Calderdale Community Coaching Trust

Excellent course - another sport to offer children who are never selected for the football, rugby, cricket, netball teams. High level of involvement and clear objectives. Looking forward to implementing in the summer term. Just keep on trucking! Good luck.
Paul Freestone, PE Teacher, Sleights CE VC Primary School, North Yorkshire

Just a quick e mail to say a massive thank you for all your hard work over the last two days. It has had a massive impact on the kids already. Feeback from both staff and students has been hugely positive. It was great to see all the kids genuinely enjoying themselves and showing a positive attitude towards sport. Thanks again!!!!
Steph Robertshaw, PE Teacher, Challenge College, Bradford

I was impressed by the course delivery. Chris discussed as a group but also individual questions supportively. It was great to receive training on a course that everyone can participate in.
Andrea Langhan, HLTA, Braekburn Junior School, North Yorkshire

Chris had some really good ideas and skills which I can now take away with me and use within schools. Overall, I thought that the session was very informative and fun!
Beth Greenwood, Sports Coach, Calderdale Community Coaching Trust

Fantastic! Great fun, good tips and plenty of new PE ideas to take back to school. It was very hands on so I learned new skills which the children will love learning too!
Lucy Hodges, Class Teacher, Hackforth and Hornby Primary School, Bedale, North Yorkshire

It was a really good course. There was clear information in a wide range of new skills and activities. I enjoyed learning and I am motivated to further improve my skills and pass on the skills and information to pupils.
Gill Marsden, PE Teacher, Cramlington and Seaton Valley School Sport Partnership

Very good course that surpassed my expectations. I learned useful skills and was introduced to a new game which we will use back at school.
David Swift, PE and Games Coordinator, Barrowcliff Junior School, North Yorkshire

The Disc Sports inset delivered by Chris and Matt had lots of active participation and served as a very good team building exercise for the department.
Gabriel Mellor, Head of Sport, Huddersfield New College

Very good - lots of ideas squeezed into a short time. I liked the progression of skills and the range of activities which we were given time to play and really understand.
Rachel Lockwood, Class Teacher, Hob Moor Primary School, York

I received the disc yesterday and all was fine. I was really impressed that you followed up so quickly with my enquiry. It showed me you cared about your customers and that they were experiencing the best and most efficient use of your website. Many thanks!
Joanna Bisley

Chris was very informative and enthusiastic with plenty of practical ideas and progressions. The course has given me the information I will need for implementing disc activities into the curriculum next term.
Jenny Finney, Head of Girls PE, Haydock Sports College

Just wanted to say thank you for sending my order it was very impressive how quickly it has arrived!
Becky Evans, Sports Development Officer, Shropshire Council

Thank you for coming to deliver the Frisbee activities. The sessions were very well organised, everyone was involved and the pupils were highly motivated to take part.
David Isles, Head of P.E, Hexham Middle School, Northumberland

Very clear instruction, informative and useful to school situations. Matt delivered the training in a friendly manner which helped make the acquisition of skills easy, with good development points.
Ross Collard, PE Teacher, City of Norwich School

Just a quick note to say thanks! the discs got here with plenty of time to spare and the kids love them.
Justin, PE Teacher, Fairley House School, London

An excellent introduction that can easily be applied to Key Stage 3 and 4 practice. I enjoyed the practical involvement. I can't wait to introduce into school!
Nathan Rogers, PE Teacher, Comberton Village College, Cambridge

Very clear instruction and hands on with lots of time to practice - useful ideas to take back into school and use in lessons.
Emma Goolden, PE Teacher, Plymouth High School for Girls

Great course, really enjoyed it. Lots of ideas and resources. Good instruction so we were able to achieve a wide variety of throws.
Cathy Woodroffe, Teacher, Walton School, Somerset

Fantastic course. Energetic and kept everybody engaged for 3 hours! I liked the fact that is was very practically based, had good cross-curricular links and adaptable ideas. Will recommend to others - very enjoyable!
Sally Evans, Partnership Development Manager, North Yorkshire Special School Sport Partnership

The Disc Golf Leader Training course was absolutely superb! The session was inspirational and a lot of fun; Chris has a talent for catering for all members of the group as well as providing some great ideas for games and exercises to enthuse students and develop skills. In addition to this we were all given loads of tips and help with our own technique. A huge thank you to you Chris!
Alison Northrop - Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Discs arrived today. Thanks a lot. Be hearing again from me soon. =)
Jon, Spain

Brilliant! The best course we've done yet! A good selection of skills and games that the children will love. Great fun!
Gill Vile, Class Teacher, Old Town Primary School, West Yorkshire

Great fun, great activity for range of abilities. Quite versatile. Active, very good demonstrations. Will use as a new sport area for possible inter competition with other schools in our family.
Louise Slarke, Class Teacher, Castlefields Primary School

It was a very good course with a broad range skills developed and good fun - excellent trainer with lots of enthusiasm!
Tom Clayton, Teacher, St Martins Primary School, North Yorkshire

The ordering process was brilliant! especially the personal delivery. My son, Phil, had heard you speak at King Edward VI School in Morpeth... he and some of his friends are now setting up a frisbee team. Delivery time was excellent as was the product quality, Phil thinks the frisbee is very good! Also the advise you gave about flattening the dog frisbee every now and again was very useful. My wonderful Dalmatian dog, Layla, loved the doggie frisbie, and played with it wonderfully until she decided it was better to chew than run after… but that was our fault for leaving it with her!
Julie, Newcastle upon Tyne

Catch The Spirit have been absolutely fantastic in terms of service, help and quality! The Frisbees we ordered literally fly to us within a day or so of ordering and Chris is always prompt in replying to any questions or needs we may have. The Frisbees themselves are easily the best out there, especially the Superdiscs! The colours, size, design and flight of them is perfect for children of all ages and the rubber around the lip of the disc offers added grip and protection for younger year groups. Rather than waste money on cheaper plastic alternatives or buy discs from other suppliers, which are often oversized and solid plastic, FIT4FUN will always return and encourage schools to use Catch The Spirit! Overall great value for money, durable/dynamic discs for all ages and a great service! Highly recommended!
Tom Farrow, Head Coach, Fit4Fun, East Riding of Yorkshire

Excellent session - fun way of learning! Loads of ideas which I can use in my teaching.
Sherry Showcross, Teacher, Prince William School, Northamptonshire

Excellent, fun, tiring!! Positive, very well organised, well timed and challenging. Exercise can be fun! Frisbee is suitable for all ages and abilities. Thank you, a fantastic workout and very inspiring course.
Jackie Guy, Class Teacher, Bayton Primary School, Shropshire

It was a great course! Excellent skills taught and a good workout too. I could never throw a Frisbee before and now I can see the potential for great aerobic and skills work with the kids.
Francis Ward, Class Teacher, St Oswald's Primary School, North Yorkshire

Excellent, detailed and inspiring. All the time we were shown ways and techniques to adapt the training based on ability.
Luke Poppleton, Teaching Assistant, The Forest Special School, Knaresborough

Hi Chris, Just a quick note to say thanks for a fantastic day on Saturday, everyone really enjoyed the day and the tuition was brilliant. Hopefully we can get something together for next year. Thanks Dean
Dean McFarlane

The discs arrived today! Thanks again for the efficient service, will certainly be using you again in the future.
Hamish, Cardiff

The course was excellent, fun and clear - accessible for my kids. I liked the fact is was practical - I know what it feels like so I can show others, also the enthusiasm of the trainer and simple instruction - we can do it!
Fiona Dewick, Class Teacher, Gaddesby Primary School, Leicestershire

Really good course - very physical, I enjoyed all of the activities and I can look forward to trying them out in school. The children will respond well to Frisbee as it's new and interesting and can be competitive as well.
Liz Cawthorne, Teacher, Robert Ferguson Primary School, Cumbria

Thanks! The order arrived perfectly safely and has already been used many times. Good luck with your venture. I love the name you have chosen.
Anne, Cumbria

Excellent course - another sport to offer children who are never selected for the football, rugby, cricket, netball teams. High level of involvement and clear objectives. Looking forward to implementing in the summer term.
Paul Freestone, Sleights CE VC Primary School, North Yorkshire

The team had a really good Disc Golf session with you. Thank you! Amanda Axa Sunlife

The Ultimate and Disc Golf training day was brilliant. Interesting content, hands on activities with many useful suggestions for use in PE lessons.
George Clark, Teacher, St Christophers School, Lincoln

Clear effective communication and demos - Chris was very positive and enthusiastic. The sessions were very practical with enough time to practice and play.
Ian Ward, CPD Manager, St John Fisher Catholic High School, Wigan

I have just ordered a Frisbee from you. Can I just say what a great service and what a lovely touch to have a personalised comp slip inside, saying have fun. Special. You certainly have "Caught the spirit" Good on you!!!
Robert Crook

Just to say thank You for all your help and support last Thursday at our Games Festival. We appreciated the fact that you were willing to adapt and assist us in any way you could, and deliver the high quality activities too. All in all it seemed to go well and most importantly the kids really enjoyed it.
Carol Marshall, PE Teacher, Walbottle Campus, Newcatle upon Tyne

Thanks for a great training day! I have had lots of positive feedback from everyone on the course and its gone down great in lessons with the kids.
Keith Wooding, Head of Boys PE, Poynton High School, Stockport

Excellent! I really enjoyed the practical - good ideas to take away and use. Excellent coaching and advice with loads of opportunities to develop own skills.
Sara Cooper, Class Teacher, Field Lane Primary School, West Yorkshire

The Comet and Shark arrived today - looking veeeery nice indeed! Can't play til next weekend though - darn it! Thanks for your help
Ian, Eastbourne

I have to say that I have been very impressed with the speed of your service, having made my first order with you on Sunday, which arrived safe and well first thing tuesday morning!
Grant Palmer

Just wanted to let you know that the target arrived this morning. So quick - very impressive! Haven't pulled everything out but did see that not only did you include the driver, but also a couple of free mini-markers! Thanks very much indeed. Can't wait to see Craig's face at Christmas!
Sue, Pontefract

Thanks for the course, got some good positive feedback from the people attending. Things going really well with the disc golf, introduced it to both year groups in KS4 with some positive results. Taking it into another secondary in the partnership later this month.
Stephen Field, PE Teacher, Balby High School, Yorkshire

Thank you for running the extremely successful Frisbee event for us at the Festival of School Sport last month - the interest from schools for you activities was really strong over the three days.
Robbie Fox, Bristol Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health

Just want to say thanks to the team for the discs and the advice on which models we needed. p.s. the kids love the Fred Risbee t-shirts.
Gary, Brighton

An excellent balance of theory and practical, delivered at a good pace with plenty of involvement. The equipment used provided a great idea of the possibilities. Very enjoyable, thank you.
Ross Cooper, Multi-Skills Coach, Risedale Sport and Community College, North Yorkshire

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the two coaching sessions on Wednesday, the kids really enjoyed it and so did the staff!
Sarah McDowell, PE teacher, Newent Community School, Forest of Dean

The course was fantastic, fun, challenging, informative, comprehensive and over too quickly! I am looking forward to implementing the self governing nature and the 'Spirit of the Game'. I loved the amazing fitness and aerobic demands of using a Frisbee and the fascinating range of Disc Sports available.
Sarah Kelly, PE Co-ordinator, Innsworth Junior School, Gloucestershire

Fantastic! The training was refreshing and I enjoyed learning the skills, techniques and games.
Stephen Atherton, Class Teacher, Farne Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

Thank you for making the training very positive today. I certainly enjoyed the training, found it fun and an activity that can be introduced and developed in a number of ways. I thought your delivery & manner was excellent & provided a very warm/positive vibe! The playground supervisors thoroughly enjoyed the day & now have no excuses in developing Frisbee in their schools & I am very keen to introduce at least one inter school competition including Frisbee Golf & Ultimate at some point in the year. The resources look great & I was very impressed with the certificates too!
Richard Chattoe, Head of PE, St Mary's School, West Yorkshire

My order arrived perfectly and quickly. Thanks for the efficient service.

I have just received my Fred Risbee Ultra-Star! And might I say, what a great size. I've never had the 175gram and the larger size is exactly what I've been needing to "step it up a gear". I've just been outside with a co-worker (who I wouldn't trust with an orange let alone my shiny new Fred Risbee), and the results are ASTOUNDING. I'll have more of a play tonight in my own back garden, but I'm really impressed so far with the Quality of Service, the Fast Delivery (ordered less than 24 hours ago), Value for Money and it looks really smart. Thanks Chris
Fin Wright

After being in the USA during the summer and trying disc golf for the first time and loving it, at age 56, I ordered a couple of your golf discs for myself and my 4 year old grandson. Unfortunately, they are a bit too heavy for him, but he can still throw them well!! Service excellent from yourselves, next order will be with you soon!! Time we had a Disc Golf Course up here near Aberdeen!!!!
Mike, Aberdeen

Thanks Chris, Got the discs today! Brilliant service!
Jack, Maidstone

Excellent - can see a real opportunity for young people to engage in an energetic fun sport. I liked the variety of games and skills for all ages with relatively little equipment.
Chris Wilson, Head of PE, Wilson Stuart School Sport Partnership, Birmingham

Excellent course. I enjoyed the active, learn by doing, approach. Chris gave us lots of ideas on how to progress.
Rob Heeley, PE Teacher, Wood Green High School, West Midlands

Thanks so much for the Frisbee Sessions on Friday. They were was excellent and we had some great feedback from the kids
Jen Rudin, Community Sport Manager, Northumbria University

The Introduction to Disc Sports course is an excellent programme with an exceptional coach. I really enjoyed learning all the different techniques!
Mohammed Arshad, Complete Kidz, Birmingham

Hi Chris, Just to let you know I receive the discs fine - thanks for your superb customer service. Kind regard Miles.

The course was enjoyable. Chris was very approachable and well prepared. The core training of skills and games was great, with excellent demonstrations and contagious enthusiasm! Keep it going, well done!
Scott Powell, PE Teacher, Dumfries Academy